Site demolition and contamination clean up is a major obstacle for site owners, especially when they need to select the right solution. This is where Hazvic can help. We deliver practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions for commercial and domestic sites.

At Hazvic we provide all aspects of environmental services across Victoria. We offer site solutions that other companies would not consider. We use our in-house technical skills and innovative ideas and combine it with the agreements and affiliations with our prefered service providers.

The value and workmanship of our partnerships have been proven over the years on our many complex projects. With this approach, we are not stuck with a limited range of internal services, but we can offer the most competitive price range to our customers. This enables us to undertake projects for our clients, so they can concentrate on their core business rather than worrying about their next phase of work.
We believe we can provide our clients with honest services and results that represent professionalism, client confidentiality, technical ability, value for money, outstanding outcomes and clear recommendations. We understand local environmental guidelines and regulations and use them as an active integrated tool with our day to day operations to carry out quality work for our clients.

Our Services

Demolition Services
  • Surface concrete and asphalt removal and disposal.
  • Residential and industrial demolition (factories and service stations), dismantling and removal.
  • Asbestos removal, air monitering and providing certificates of clearance.
  • Movement and handling of large volumes of contaminated and non-contaminated soils.
Environmental Services
  • Soil and groundwater sampling, testing, analysis and reporting.
  • Soil insitu and soil stockpile classifications for offsite disposal services.
  • Pre-purchase and due diligence environmental site investigations.
  • Environmental site assessments including Phase1, preliminary and detailed site investigations.
Remediation Services
  • Soil and groundwater remediation and clean up services.
  • Underground tank excavation, disposal and provision of the report and tank disposal certificate.
  • Soil treatment and soil reclassification.
  • Offsite disposal of reclassified soil or preparation of the soil for reuse on same or other site.
Other Services
  • Site backfilling, compaction, testing and resurfacing.
  • Ground penetrating radar survey (GPRS) for detecting underground storage tanks.
  • Conducting aquifier testing such as slug, pumping or other test.
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment.
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